End-of-Life (EoL)

Threat Prevention

The Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall protects and defends your network from commodity threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs). The firewall’s multi-pronged detection mechanisms include a signature-based (IPS/Command and Control/Antivirus) approach, heuristics-based (bot detection) approach, sandbox-based (WildFire) approach, and Layer 7 protocol analysis-based (App-ID) approach.
Commodity threats are exploits that are less sophisticated and more easily detected and prevented using a combination of the antivirus, anti-spyware, vulnerability protection and the URL filtering/Application identification capabilities on the firewall.
Advanced threats are perpetuated by organized cyber criminals or malicious groups that use sophisticated attack vectors to target your network, most commonly for intellectual property theft and financial data theft. These threats are more evasive and require intelligent monitoring mechanisms for detailed host and network forensics on malware. The Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall in conjunction with WildFire and Panorama provides a comprehensive solution that intercepts and break the attack chain and provides visibility to prevent security infringement on your network—including mobile and virtualized—infrastructure.

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