End-of-Life (EoL)

URL Category Exception Lists

You can exclude specific websites from URL category enforcement, ensuring that these websites are blocked or allowed regardless of their associated URL category. For example, you could block a URL category but choose to allow certain sites that fall within that category. To create these kind of exceptions to URL category enforcement:
  • Add the IP addresses or URLs of the sites you want to block or allow (regardless of their associated URL category) directly to a URL Filtering profile (Objects > Security Profiles > URL Filtering > Overrides).
  • Use an External Dynamic List in a URL Filtering profile. The benefit to using an External Dynamic List to specify the sites you want to enforce separately from their URL categories is that you can update the External Dynamic List without performing a configuration change or commit on the firewall.
The following guidelines describe how to populate URL Category block and allow lists, or a text file that you’re using as the source of an External Dynamic List for URLs.

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