End-of-Life (EoL)
The GlobalProtect agent 3.0 for Windows and Mac OS now displays a simpler, cleaner user interface. As part of the redesign, a user can now log in to the GlobalProtect portal and view connection status information from the main Home tab. The following figure displays the GlobalProtect agent for Mac but the menus and layout of the GlobalProtect agent for Windows are very similar:
With this update, the menu bar along the top has been removed and has been replaced with the Home, Details, Host State, and Troubleshooting tabs. The tab contents are described in more detail in the following table.
Item Description
( New ) Users can log in to the GlobalProtect portal from the Home tab. At any time, users can also change the portal (unless disabled from the portal agent configuration) and re-enter login credentials from this tab.
( New ) Users can also view connection status information from the Home tab, including any pertinent warning or error messages.
The Details tab displays information about your connection, including the portal to which users connect, IP address information, and protocol information. This tab also displays connection statistics, such as the number of bytes sent and received, and information about the gateway with which the agent established the VPN connection.
The GlobalProtect agent collects information about the security status of your end hosts, such as whether the host has the latest security patches and antivirus definitions installed, whether disk encryption is enabled, and whether the host is running specific software required within your organization (including custom applications). The GlobalProtect agent then displays this information on the Host State tab. To drill down into the data, users can collapse or expand categories and select the type of information to view collected data.
The Troubleshooting tab enables users to view information that can help troubleshoot connection issues. Users can select between Network Configurations, Routing Table, and Sockets to view information for that type. Additionally, selecting the Logs option enables users to begin or stop logging of either the GlobalProtect agent or service.

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