End-of-Life (EoL)
PAN-OS support for Simple Network Management Protocol ( SNMP) now includes the following features. To access the latest MIBs, refer to SNMP MIB Files. For a list of supported traps, use an SNMP manager to view the PAN-COMMON-MIB.my > panCommonEvents > panCommonEventsEvents > panCommonEventEventsV2 object. To view generated traps, use the PAN-TRAPS.my MIB.
Feature Description
Synchronization of SNMP Trap and MIB Information When an event triggers SNMP trap generation (for example, an interface goes down), the firewall, Panorama virtual appliance, M-Series appliance, and WF-500 appliance now respond by updating the corresponding SNMP object (for example, the interfaces MIB) instead of waiting for the periodic update of all objects that occurs every ten seconds. This ensures that your network management system displays the latest information when it polls an object to confirm an event.
Commit Queues The panTraps MIB now has traps that indicate the status of commit requests (added to queue, in progress, completed, or failed) to help you troubleshoot commit issues on the firewall or Panorama.
Failure Detection with BFD The firewall now supports the BFD-STD-MIB and BFD traps so that you can monitor and receive alerts for communication failures between a firewall and its neighbor or peer.
DHCP Client Support on Management Interface The firewall now supports DHCP traps for the management (MGT) interface so that you can troubleshoot issues that might occur when the MGT interface tries to receive its IP address from a DHCP server.

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