End-of-Life (EoL)
The WildFire public cloud now makes virus and DNS signatures available every five minutes to Palo Alto Networks firewalls. This more frequent distribution enables firewalls with a WildFire subscription to detect and block threats within minutes of discovery. With earlier PAN-OS releases, WildFire updates are made available only every fifteen minutes.
Take the following steps to enable the firewall to retrieve the very latest signatures from WildFire.
Modify the WildFire Updates Schedule
Confirm that the WildFire subscription is active on the firewall. If you have not already done so, activate the WildFire subscription on the firewall. To verify an active WildFire subscription, select Device > Licenses and check that the WildFire license is valid.
Check that the firewall is connected to the WildFire public cloud. Select Device > Setup > WildFire and confirm that WildFire Public Cloud is set to wildfire.paloaltonetworks.com .
Set the schedule for the firewall to check for the latest WildFire updates. Select Device > Dynamic Updates. Find the WildFire updates. Select the existing Schedule setting:
Use the Recurrence field to configure the firewall to check for new WildFire updates Every Minute. Because new WildFire signatures are now available every five minutes, it is a best practice to use this setting to ensure the firewall retrieves these signatures within a minute of availability. To get the most of out of WildFire five-minute updates, set the firewall to Download and Install these updates as WildFire makes them available. You can also set the firewall to Download Only so that you can manually install the updates whenever appropriate after they are downloaded. Click OK.

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