End-of-Life (EoL)

PAN-OS 7.1.24-h1 Addressed Issues

PAN-OS® 7.1.24-h1 addressed issues
The following table lists the issues that are addressed in the PAN-OS® 7.1.24 release. For new features, associated software versions, known issues, and changes in default behavior, see PAN-OS 7.1 Release Information. Before you upgrade or downgrade to this release, review the information in Upgrade to PAN-OS 7.1.
Starting with PAN-OS 7.1.5, all unresolved known issues and any newly addressed issues in these release notes are identified using new issue ID numbers that include a product-specific prefix. Issues addressed in earlier releases and any associated known issue descriptions continue to use their original issue ID.
Issue ID
A security-related fix was made to prevent a memory corruption vulnerability in PAN-OS® software (PAN-SA-2019-0021 / CVE-2019-1580).
Fixed CVE-2019-1581, see PAN-SA-2019-0022 for details.
Fixed an issue where the
Wildfire Analysis Report
incorrectly displayed the following error message:
You are not authorized to access thispage on the web interface

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