End-of-Life (EoL)
Select Device > Config Audit to see the differences between configuration files. The page displays the configurations side by side in separate panes and highlights the differences line by line using colors to indicate additions (green), modifications (yellow), and deletions (red):
The following table describes the config audit settings.
Config Audit Setting Description
Configuration name drop-downs (unlabeled) Select two configurations to compare in the (unlabeled) configuration name drop-downs (the defaults are Running config and Candidate config). You can filter a drop-down by entering a text string derived from the Description value of the commit operation associated with the desired configuration (see Commit Changes).
Context drop-down Use the Context drop-down to specify the number of lines to display before and after the highlighted differences in each file. Specifying more lines can help you correlate the audit results to settings in the web interface. If you set the Context to All, the results include the entire configuration files.
Go Click Go to start the audit.
Previous ( ) and Next ( ) These navigation arrows are enabled when consecutive configuration versions are selected in the configuration name drop-downs. Click to compare the previous pair of configurations in the drop-downs or click to compare the next pair of configurations.

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