End-of-Life (EoL)
Select Device > Support or Panorama > Support to access support related options. You can view the Palo Alto Networks contact information, view your support expiration date, and view product and security alerts from Palo Alto Networks based on the serial number of your firewall.
Perform any of the following functions on this page:
Support—Use this section to view Palo Alto Networks support contact information, view support status for the firewall or activate your contract using an authorization code. Production Alerts/Application and Threat Alerts —These alerts will be retrieved from the Palo Alto Networks update servers when this page is accessed/refreshed. To view the details of production alerts, or application and threat alerts, click the alert name. Production alerts will be posted if there is a large scale recall or urgent issue related to a given release. The application and threat alerts will be posted if significant threats are discovered. Links—This section provides a link to the support home page, from where you can manage your cases, and a link to register the firewall using your support login. Tech Support File —Click Generate Tech Support File to generate a system file that the support team can use to help troubleshoot issues that you may be experiencing with the firewall. After you generate the file, Download Tech Support File and then send it to the Palo Alto Networks Support department. Stats Dump File (firewall only)—Click Generate Stats Dump File to generate a set of XML reports that summarizes network traffic over the last 7 days. After the report is generated, you can Download Stats Dump File. The Palo Alto Networks or Authorized Partner systems engineer uses the report to generate an Application Visibility and Risk Report (AVR Report). The AVR highlights what has been found on the network and the associated business or security risks that may be present and is typically used as part of the evaluation process. For more information on the AVR Report, please contact you Palo Alto Networks or Authorized Partner systems engineer. Core Files —If your firewall experiences a system process failure it will generate a core file that contains details about the process and why it failed. Click the Download Core Files link to view a list of available core files and then click a core file name to download it. After you download the file, upload it to a Palo Alto Networks support case to obtain assistance in resolving the issue.
Also consider the following: If your browser is configured to automatically open files after download, you should turn off that option so the browser downloads the support file instead of attempting to open and extract it The contents of the core files can be interpreted only by a Palo Alto Networks support engineer.

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