Review New App-IDs Since Last Content Version

  1. Select DeviceDynamic Updates and select Check Now to refresh the list of available content updates.
  2. Download the latest Applications and Threats content update. When the content update is downloaded, an Apps link will appear in the Features column for that content update.
  3. Click the Apps link in the Features column to view details on newly-identified applications:
    A list of App-IDs shows all new App-IDs introduced from the content version installed on the firewall, to the selected Content Version.
    App-ID details that you can use to assess possible impact to policy enforcement include:
    • Depends on—Lists the application signatures that this App-ID relies on to uniquely identify the application. If one of the application signatures listed in the Depends On field is disabled, the dependent App-ID is also disabled.
    • Previously Identified As—Lists the App-IDs that matched to the application before the new App-ID was installed to uniquely identify the application.
    • App-ID Enabled—All App-IDs display as enabled when a content release is downloaded, unless you choose to manually disable the App-ID signature before installing the content update (see Disable or Enable App-IDs).
      Multi-vsys firewalls display App-ID status as vsys-specific. This is because the status is not applied across virtual systems and must be individually enabled or disabled for each virtual system. To view the App-ID status for a specific virtual system, select ObjectsApplications, select a Virtual System, and select the App-ID.
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