View DHCP Server Information

Perform this task to view DHCP pool statistics, IP addresses the DHCP server has assigned, the corresponding MAC address, state and duration of the lease, and time the lease began. If the address was configured as a Reserved Address, the state column indicates reserved and there is no duration or lease_time. If the lease was configured as Unlimited, the duration column displays a value of 0.
  • View DHCP pool statistics, IP address the DHCP server assigned, MAC address, state and duration of lease, and lease start time.
    admin@PA-200> show dhcp server lease interface all
    interface: "ethernet1/2" 
    Allocated IPs: 1, Total number of IPs in pool: 5. 20.0000% used 
    ip              mac                state      duration    lease_time    f0:2f:af:42:70:cf  committed  0           Wed Jul  2 08:10:56 2014 
  • View the options that a DHCP server has assigned to clients.
    admin@PA-200> show dhcp server settings all
    Interface    GW           DNS1        DNS2       DNS-Suffix Inherit source 
    ethernet1/2             ethernet1/3 

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