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Excited about all of the new features Palo Alto Networks introduced in PAN-OS 8.0? So are we! Use the PAN-OS 8.0 New Features Guide to learn how to use the new features to solve your security problems. The topics in this site briefly introduce each new feature and provide the steps you need to get started using them quickly and easily.

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Protect and Defend Your Network with PAN-OS 8.0

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Get Some Tunnel Vision!

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SSL Decryption Best Practices Light Up Hidden Malware

MFA Vendor Support

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Management Features

Credential Phishing Prevention

Authentication Policy and Multi-Factor Authentication

Palo Alto Networks Malicious IP Address Feeds

PAN-OS 8.0 Best Practices

Best Practices for Securing Administrative Access

Data Center Best Practice Security Policy

Learn about Palo Alto Networks data center security policy best practices to protect your most valuable assets.

Best Practices for Application and Threat Content Updates

Best Practice Internet Gateway Security Policy