End-of-Life (EoL)

NSX VM-Series Configuration through Panorama

Beginning with 8.0, you can manage all security-related configuration for the VM-Series NSX integration through Panorama. The new workflow consolidates security configuration on Panorama, and decouples the need for continuous interaction between security and virtualization administrators. Panorama now provides NSX Manager with the contextual information required to secure traffic from guest virtual machines in SDDC environments. Dynamic address groups on Panorama map to security groups on NSX Manager, zones map to service profiles, and security policy rules map to steering rules.
These configuration changes take advantage of the new extensible plug-in architecture in Panorama. All the interface related to NSX integration are now part of the NSX plug-in and only display in Panorama when the plug-in is installed.
Additionally, Panorama 8.0.5 and later includes support for VMware NSX plugin version 2.0.0 that allows you to manage up to 16 NSX Managers using a single Panorama server instead of one Panorama server per NSX Manager. With this capability, you can now configure and manage multiple NSX Managers in a single location; it eliminates the need to replicate common configuration many times on multiple Panorama servers.
  1. Install a VM-Series License Deactivation API Key on Panorama before configuring the VM-Series Edition on NSX.
    Deleting the Palo Alto Networks Service Deployment on NSX Manager automatically triggers license deactivation. A license API key is required to successfully deactivate the VM-Series license.
  2. Install the VMware NSX Plugin to access the configuration options for managing the VM-Series firewall on NSX.

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