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Virtual Wire Subinterface

  • Network > Interfaces > Ethernet
Virtual wire (vwire) subinterfaces allow you to separate traffic by VLAN tags or a VLAN tag and IP classifier combination, assign the tagged traffic to a different zone and virtual system, and then enforce security policies for the traffic that matches the defined criteria.
To add a Virtual Wire Interface select the row for that interface, click
Add Subinterface
, and specify the following information.
Virtual Wire Subinterface Settings
Interface Name
The read-only
Interface Name
displays the name of the vwire interface you selected. In the adjacent field, enter a numeric suffix (1-9,999) to identify the subinterface.
Enter an optional description for the subinterface.
Enter the VLAN tag (0-4,094) for the subinterface.
Netflow Profile
If you want to export unidirectional IP traffic that traverses an ingress subinterface to a NetFlow server, select the server profile or click
Netflow Profile
to define a new profile (see Device > Server Profiles > NetFlow). Selecting
removes the current NetFlow server assignment from the subinterface.
IP Classifier
and enter an IP address, IP range, or subnet to classify the traffic on this vwire subinterface.
Virtual Wire
Select a virtual wire, or click
Virtual Wire
to define a new one (see Network > Virtual Wires). Select
to remove the current virtual wire assignment from the subinterface.
Virtual System
If the firewall supports multiple virtual systems and that capability is enabled, select a virtual system (vsys) for the subinterface or click
Virtual System
to define a new vsys.
Security Zone
Select a security zone for the subinterface, or click
to define a new zone. Select
to remove the current zone assignment from the subinterface.

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