BGP Redist Rules Tab

  • Network > Virtual Router > BGP > Redist Rules
Configure the settings described in the following table to create rules for redistributing BGP routes.
BGP Redistribution Rules Settings
Configure In
Allow Redistribute Default Route
BGPRedist Rules
Permits the firewall to redistribute its default route to BGP peers.
Add an IP subnet or create a redistribution rule first.
Select to enable this redistribution rule.
Route Table
Specify which route table the route will be redistributed into: unicast, multicast, or both.
Enter a metric in the range 1-65,535.
Set Origin
Select the origin for the redistributed route (igp, egp, or incomplete). The value incomplete indicates a connected route.
Enter a MED for the redistributed route in the range 0-4,294,967,295.
Set Local Preference
Enter a local preference for the redistributed route in the range 0-4,294,967,295.
Set AS Path Limit
Enter an AS path limit for the redistributed route in the range 1-255.
Set Community
Select or enter a 32-bit value in decimal or hexadecimal or in AS:VAL format; AS and VAL are each in the range 0-65,535. Enter a maximum of 10 communities.
Set Extended Community
Enter a 64-bit value in hexadecimal or in TYPE:AS:VAL or TYPE:IP:VAL format. TYPE is 16 bits; AS or IP is 16 bits; VAL is 32 bits. Enter a maximum of five extended communities.

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