End-of-Life (EoL)

Multicast Interfaces Tab

  • Network > Virtual Router > Multicast > Interfaces
Use the following fields to configure multicast interfaces:
Multicast Settings – Interfaces
Enter a name to identify an interface group.
Enter an optional description.
to specify one or more firewall interfaces.
Group Permissions
Specify general rules for multicast traffic:
  • Any Source
    to specify a list of multicast groups for which PIM-SM traffic is permitted.
  • Source-Specific
    to specify a list of multicast group and multicast source pairs for which PIM-SSM traffic is permitted.
Specify rules for IGMP traffic. IGMP must be enabled for host facing interfaces (IGMP router) or for IGMP proxy host interfaces.
  • Enable
    —Select to enable the IGMP configuration.
  • IGMP Version
    —Choose version 1, 2, or 3 to run on the interface.
  • Enforce Router-Alert IP Option
    —Select to require the router-alert IP option when speaking IGMPv2 or IGMPv3. This must be disabled for compatibility with IGMPv1.
  • Robustness
    —Choose an integer value to account for packet loss on a network (range is 1-7; default is 2). If packet loss is common, choose a higher value.
  • Max Sources
    —Specify the maximum number of source-specific memberships allowed on this interface (0 = unlimited).
  • Max Groups
    —Specify the maximum number of groups allowed on this interface.
  • Query Configuration
    —Specify the following:
    • Query interval
      —Specify the interval at which general queries are sent to all hosts.
    • Max Query Response Time
      —Specify the maximum time between a general query and a response from a host.
    • Last Member Query Interval
      —Specify the interval between group or source-specific query messages (including those sent in response to leave-group messages).
    • Immediate Leave
      —Select to leave the group immediately when a leave message is received.
PIM configuration
Specify the following Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) settings:
  • Enable
    —Select to allow this interface to receive and/or forward PIM messages.
  • Assert Interval
    —Specify the interval between PIM assert messages.
  • Hello Interval
    —Specify the interval between PIM hello messages.
  • Join Prune Interval
    —Specify the interval between PIM join and prune messages (seconds). Default is 60.
  • DR Priority
    —Specify the designated router priority for this interface.
  • BSR Border
    —Select to use the interface as the bootstrap border.
  • PIM Neighbors
    to specify the list of neighbors that will communicate with using PIM.

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