RIP Interfaces Tab

  • Network > Virtual Routers > RIP > Interfaces
Use the following fields to configure RIP interfaces:
RIP – Interface Settings
Select the interface that runs the RIP protocol.
Select to enable these settings.
Select to enable advertisement of a default route to RIP peers with the specified metric value.
Specify a metric value for the router advertisement. This field is visible only if you enable Advertise.
Auth Profile
Select the profile.
Select normal, passive, or send-only.
To enable BFD for a RIP interface (and thereby override the BFD setting for RIP, as long as BFD is not disabled for RIP at the virtual router level), select one of the following:
  • default (profile with the default BFD settings)
  • a BFD profile that you created on the firewall
  • New BFD Profile to create a new BFD profile
Select None (Disable BFD) to disable BFD for the RIP interface.

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