End-of-Life (EoL)

NAT Policies General Tab

  • Policies > NAT > General
Select the
tab to configure a name and description for the NAT or NPTv6 policy. You can configure a tag to allow you to sort or filter policies when many policies exist. Select the type of NAT policy you are creating, which affects which fields are available on the
Original Packet
Translated Packet
NAT Rule - General Settings
Enter a name to identify the rule. The name is case-sensitive and can have up to 31 characters, which can be letters, numbers, spaces, hyphens, and underscores. The name must be unique on a firewall and, on Panorama, unique within its device group and any ancestor or descendant device groups.
Enter a description for the rule (up to 255 characters).
If you want to tag the policy,
and specify the tag.
A policy tag is a keyword or phrase that allows you to sort or filter policies. This is useful when you have defined many policies and want to view those that are tagged with a particular keyword.
NAT Type
Specify the type of translation:
  • ipv4
    —translation between IPv4 addresses.
  • nat64
    —translation between IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.
  • nptv6
    —translation between IPv6 prefixes.
You cannot combine IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges in a single NAT rule.

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