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Features Introduced in TS Agent 8.0

New features introduced in the Terminal Services (TS) agent 8.0 release.
For new User-ID™ features in the PAN-OS® 8.1 release, see the PAN-OS 8.0 Release Notes.

Features Introduced in TS Agent 8.0.1

The following feature is introduced in TS agent 8.0.1.
New Feature
Configure Terminal Services Agent with your Enterprise Signed PKI Certificate
You can now assign custom certificate to the Terminal Services agent from your enterprise PKI. This allows the firewall to confirm the identity of the Terminal Services agent before accepting information from the agent. You deploy a custom certificate on the Terminal Services agent and a certificate profile on the firewall, containing the CA of the certificate, to establish a unique trust chain between the two devices.

Features Introduced in TS Agent 8.0.0

The following feature is introduced in TS agent 8.0.0.
New Feature
Centralized Deployment and Management of User-ID and TS Agents
You can now use endpoint management software such as Microsoft SCCM to remotely install, configure, and upgrade multiple Windows-based User-ID agents and Terminal Services (TS) agents in a single operation. Using endpoint management software streamlines your workflow by enabling you to deploy and configure numerous User-ID and TS agents through an automated process instead of using a manual login session for each agent.

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