LSVPN Overview

GlobalProtect provides a complete infrastructure for managing secure access to corporate resources from your remote sites. This infrastructure includes the following components:
  • GlobalProtect Portal
    —Provides the management functions for your GlobalProtect LSVPN infrastructure. Every satellite that participates in the GlobalProtect LSVPN receives configuration information from the portal, including configuration information to enable the satellites (the spokes) to connect to the gateways (the hubs). You configure the portal on an interface on any Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall.
  • GlobalProtect Gateways
    —A Palo Alto Networks firewall that provides the tunnel end point for satellite connections. The resources that the satellites access is protected by security policy on the gateway. It is not required to have a separate portal and gateway; a single firewall can function both as portal and gateway.
  • GlobalProtect Satellite
    —A Palo Alto Networks firewall at a remote site that establishes IPSec tunnels with the gateway(s) at your corporate office(s) for secure access to centralized resources. Configuration on the satellite firewall is minimal, enabling you to quickly and easily scale your VPN as you add new sites.
The following diagram illustrates how the GlobalProtect LSVPN components work together.

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