End-of-Life (EoL)

New App-ID Characteristic

The New App-ID characteristic is now found throughout the firewall web interface; in several different contexts, it enables you to filter for only the App-IDs that were introduced in the most recently installed content releases. This means that you can enforce brand new App-IDs without adjusting your security policy, and monitor new App-ID activity.
  • Ensure Critical New App-IDs are Allowed—Use the New App-ID characteristic in policy to allow critical applications based on category (for example, always allow authentication or software development apps). Ensure availability for these critical applications, while continuing to get the latest App-ID updates.
  • Get Increased Visibility Into New App-ID Activity—Monitor and generate reports for new App-IDs. What you learn can help you make the right decisions about how you to update your security policy to enforce the most recently-categorized App-IDs.
Regardless of where you use it, the New App-ID characteristic always matches to only the new App-IDs in the most recently installed content releases. When a new content release is installed, the new App-ID characteristic automatically begins to enforce only the new App-IDs in that content release version.

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