End-of-Life (EoL)

Support for Azure Application Insights

In PAN-OS 8.1, the VM-Series firewall on Azure includes support for natively publishing PAN-OS metrics to an Azure Application Insights instance where you can monitor firewall performance and health status, view trends on performance and usage patterns, and set up alerts to detect anomalies proactively.
  1. Set up an Application Insights instance of type
    . Refer to Azure documentation for details on how to create an Application Insights resource.
  2. Log in to the VM-Series firewall on Azure and configure it to publish PAN-OS metrics to Azure Application Insights.
  3. Select
  4. Select
    Enable Application Insights,
    and copy and paste the
    Instrumentation Key
    from the Azure portal. The firewall requires this key to authenticate to the Application Insights instance and publish metrics to it.
  5. Commit
    the changes.
  6. Verify that the firewall is publishing metrics.
    Log in to the Azure portal and on the Application Insights instance that you entered above, view the custom metrics on the Metrics Explorer.

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