Not sure what to put in a field in the PAN-OS 8.1 Web Interface? Not sure when or why to choose one option over another? Use the topics in this site to find reference information about the PAN-OS and Panorama Web Interface.

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Internet Gateway Best Practice Security Policy

One of the cheapest and easiest ways for an attacker to gain access to your network is through users accessing the internet. By successfully exploiting an endpoint, an attacker can take hold in your network and begin to move laterally towards the end goal, whether that is to steal your source code, exfiltrate your customer data, or take down your infrastructure. To protect your network from cyberattack and improve your overall security posture, implement a best practice internet gateway security policy. Use the guidelines in this site to plan, deploy, and maintain your internet gateway best practice security policy.

Best Practices for Application and Threat Content Updates

Learn the best practices for keeping application and threat content signatures up-to-date seamlessly.

What's New in PAN-OS 8.1

Excited about all of the new features Palo Alto Networks introduced in PAN-OS 8.1? So are we! Use the PAN-OS 8.1 New Features Guide to learn how to use the new features to solve your security problems. The topics in this site briefly introduce each new feature and provide the steps you need to get started using them quickly and easily.

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Web Interface Basics

Objects > External Dynamic Lists

Web Interface Access Privileges

Task Manager

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User Identification

Monitor > Packet Capture

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Protection Against Phishing and Malicious Sites

PA-3200 Series