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PDF summary reports contain information compiled from existing reports, based on data for the top 5 in each category (instead of top 50). They also contain trend charts that are not available in other reports.
PDF Summary Report
To create PDF summary reports, click Add. The PDF Summary Report page opens to show all of the available report elements.
Managing PDF Reports
Use one or more of these options to design the report:
  • To remove an element from the report, click delete ( [X] ) or clear the item from the appropriate drop-down.
  • Select additional elements by selecting them in the appropriate drop-down.
  • Drag and drop an element to move it to another area of the report.
    There is a maximum of 18 report elements allowed. If you have 18 already, you must delete existing elements before you can add new ones.
To Save the report, enter a report name, and click OK.
To display PDF reports, select MonitorReports and click PDF Summary Report and click a report to open or save that report. You can also export a report using the options at the bottom of the page (Export to PDF, Export to CSV, or Export to XML) or click a day in the calendar to download a report for that day.
New PDF summary reports will not appear until after the report runs, which will occur automatically every 24 hours at 2 a.m.

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