PAN-OS®9.0, the latest release of the software that powers our next-generation firewalls, keeps you on the cutting edge with tightly integrated innovations. It simplifies your operations through analytics and automation while giving you consistent protection through exceptional visibility and control across the data center, perimeter, branch, mobile and cloud networks.

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What’s New in PAN-OS 9.0

Get started with all of the exciting new features in PAN-OS 9.0, including DNS Security, Policy Optimizer, multi-category URL Filtering, and more!

Test Policy Rules

You can now validate policy configuration changes directly from the web interface to ensure network traffic matches the policy rules as expected and that the firewalls can reach network resources and Palo Alto Networks services.

Multi-Category URL Filtering

PAN-DB classifies URLs with multiple categories, so that you can granularly control web access and how users interact with online content.

DNS Security Service

The DNS Security service applies predictive analytics to disrupt attacks that use DNS for command-and-control (C2) or data theft.

Policy Optimizer

Policy Optimizer uses intelligence from PAN-OS to identify policy gaps and provides simple workflows to guide you in creating App-ID based rules that close these gaps.

HTTP/2 Inspection

With PAN-OS 9.0 you can safely enable applications running over HTTP/2 for SSL forward proxy and SSL inbound inspection without any additional configuration, enabling the improved web experience HTTP/2 sites offer without compromising security.

Best Practices

Data Center Best Practice Security Policy

Learn the best practices for deploying the next-gen firewall at the data center to protect your most valuable assets.

Best Practices for Securing Administrative Access

Learn the best practices for securing administrative access to your firewalls to prevent successful cyberattacks through an exposed management interface.

Best Practice Internet Gateway Security Policy

Deploy our internet gateway best practices to prevent attackers from gaining a foothold in your network by targeting your end users.

Best Practices for Securing Your Network from Layer 4 and L...

Use this checklist to monitor and protect your network from most Layer 4 and Layer 7 attacks.

Decryption Best Practices

Shine a light on the darkness of encrypted traffic so you can reveal what’s really coming into and leaving your network and inspect that traffic for threats.

Best Practices for Applications and Threats Content Updates

Learn the best practices for keeping application and threat content signatures up-to-date seamlessly.


Filter Security Policy

Configure SSL Decryption

Zone Protection Profiles