Manage and Monitor Administrative Tasks

The Task Manager displays details about all the operations that you and other administrators initiated (such as manual commits) or that the firewall initiated (such as scheduled report generation) since the last firewall reboot. You can use the Task Manager to troubleshoot failed operations, investigate warnings associated with completed commits, view details about queued commits, or cancel pending commits.
You can also view System Logs to monitor system events on the firewall or view Config Logs to monitor firewall configuration changes.
  1. Click Tasks at the bottom of the web interface.
  2. Show only Running tasks (in progress) or All tasks (default). Optionally, filter the tasks by type:
    • Jobs—Administrator-initiated commits, firewall-initiated commits, and software or content downloads and installations.
    • Reports—Scheduled reports.
    • Log Requests—Log queries that you trigger by accessing the Dashboard or a Monitor page.
  3. Perform any of the following actions:
    • Display or hide task details—By default, the Task Manager displays the Type, Status, Start Time, and Messages for each task. To see the End Time and Job ID for a task, you must manually configure the display to expose those columns. To display or hide a column, open the drop-down in any column header, select Columns, and select or deselect the column names as needed.
    • Investigate warnings or failures—Read the entries in the Messages column for task details. If the column says Too many messages, click the corresponding entry in the Type column to see more information.
    • Display a commit description—If an administrator entered a description when configuring a commit, you can click Commit Description in the Messages column to display the description.
    • Check the position of a commit in the queue—The Messages column indicates the queue position of commits that are in progress.
    • Cancel pending commits—Click Clear Commit Queue to cancel all pending commits (available only to predefined administrative roles). To cancel an individual commit, click x in the Action column for that commit (the commit remains in the queue until the firewall dequeues it). You cannot cancel commits that are in progress.

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