View External Dynamic List Entries

Before you Enforce Policy on an External Dynamic List, you can view the contents of an external dynamic list directly on the firewall to check if it contains certain IP addresses, domains, or URLs. The entries displayed are based on the version of the external dynamic list that the firewall most recently retrieved.
  1. Select ObjectsExternal Dynamic Lists.
  2. Click the external dynamic list you want to view.
  3. Click List Entries and Exceptions and view the objects that the firewall retrieved from the list.
    The list might be empty if:
    • The firewall has not yet retrieved the external dynamic list. To force the firewall to retrieve an external dynamic list immediately, Retrieve an External Dynamic List from the Web Server.
    • The firewall is unable to access the server that hosts the external dynamic list. Click Test Source URL to verify that the firewall can connect to the server.
  4. Enter an IP address, domain, or URL (depending on the type of list) in the filter field and Apply Filter ( Submit_icon.png ) to check if it’s in the list. Exclude Entries from an External Dynamic List based on which IP addresses, domains, and URLs you need to block or allow.
  5. (Optional) View the AutoFocus Intelligence Summary for a list entry. Hover over an entry to open the drop-down and then click AutoFocus.

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