Decryption Options Tab

Select the Options tab to determine if the matched traffic should be decrypted or not. If Decrypt is set, specify the decryption type. You can also add additional decryption features by configuring or selecting a decryption profile.
Select decrypt or no-decrypt for the traffic.
Select the type of traffic to decrypt from the drop-down:
  • SSL Forward Proxy—Specifies that the policy will decrypt client traffic destined for an external server.
  • SSH Proxy—Specifies that the policy will decrypt SSH traffic. This option allows you to control SSH tunneling in policies by specifying the ssh-tunnel App-ID.
  • SSL Inbound Inspection—Specifies that the policy will decrypt SSL inbound inspection traffic.
Decryption Profile
Attach a decryption profile to the policy rule in order to block and control certain aspects of the traffic. For details on creating a decryption profile, select Objects > Decryption Profile.

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