Hardware Security Operations

To perform an operation on the Hardware Security Module (HSM) or the firewall connected to the HSM, select
and select one of the following Hardware Security Operations:
Hardware Security Operations
Setup Hardware Security Module
Configures the firewall to authenticate with an HSM.
Show Detailed Information
Displays information about HSM servers, HSM high availability status, and HSM hardware.
Synchronize with Remote Filesystem (
nCipher nShield Connect HSM only
Synchronizes the key data from the nShield Connect HSM remote file system to the firewall.
Reset Configuration
Removes all HSM connections to the firewall. You must repeat all authentication procedures after resetting the HSM configuration.
Select HSM Client Version (
SafeNet Network HSM only
Allows you to choose the version of software running on the HSM client (the firewall). The HSM client version must be compatible with the HSM server version. See the HSM vendor documentation for a matrix of client-server version compatibility.

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