Add Custom Logos to Panorama

You can upload image files to customize the following areas on Panorama:
  • Background image on the login screen
  • Header on the top left corner of the web interface; you can also hide the Panorama default background
  • Title page and footer image in PDF reports
Supported image types include .jpg, .gif, and .png. Image files for use in PDF reports cannot contain an alpha channel. The size of the image must be less than 128 Kilobytes (131,072 bytes); the recommended dimensions are displayed on screen. If the dimension is larger than the recommended size, the image will be automatically cropped.
  1. Select
  2. In the Miscellaneous section, click
    Custom Logos
  3. Click the Upload logo icon and select an image for any of the following options: the login screen, the left corner of the main user interface, the PDF report title page and the PDF report footer.
  4. Click
    to add the image. To preview the image, click the preview logo icon.
  5. (
    ) To clear the green background header on the Panorama web interface, select the check box for
    Remove Panorama background header
  6. Click
    to save your changes.
  7. Select
    Commit to Panorama
    your changes.

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