Manage Priorities for Prisma Access and On-Premises Gateways

Prisma Access enables you to extend the Palo Alto Networks security platform out to your mobile users. In a hybrid deployment where your enterprise uses Prisma Access with On-Premises Gateways, you can set priorities in Prisma Access to let mobile users connect to either a specific on-premises GlobalProtect gateway or a Prisma Access gateway.
You can select an on-premises gateway that is physically closest to your mobile users and allow users to connect to a different gateway (either on-premises or cloud) to ensure secure access for mobile users if they change locations. You can also specify priority for gateways that are in the same country or same linguistic area as your mobile users.
If you add on-premises gateways to your Prisma Access deployment, check to see if the priority for the Prisma Access gateways is set to
and, if it is, change the priority. If the priority is set to
, the service will not select a gateway. See Configure Priorities for Prisma Access and On-Premises Gateways to change the priority of your Prisma Access gateways.
If you require users to connect to a specific Prisma Access gateway, you can Allow Mobile Users to Manually Select Specific Prisma Access Gateways. Mobile users choose one of the Prisma Access gateways using the GlobalProtect app that is installed on their endpoint.
Complete the following workflow to configure gateway priorities in Prisma Access.

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