Allow Mobile Users to Manually Select Specific Prisma Access Gateways

When system administrators specify priorities for gateways in Panorama, they can only specify priorities for all Prisma Access gateways as a whole.
When configuring the Prisma Access gateways, do not specify a source region. Any region you specify is not applied to the configuration.
To choose a specific Prisma Access gateway, mobile users can select the gateway on their endpoint from the drop-down list in their GlobalProtect app.
This configuration requires that you configure
selection of the gateway when you Configure Priorities for Prisma Access and On-Premises Gateways.
The following figure shows a user choosing a list of Prisma Access gateways from the endpoint’s GlobalProtect app.
The tasks you perform to connect to a specific gateway are based on the operating system of your endpoint. For details, see the GlobalProtect App User Guide.

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