Cloud Management Logs and Reports

Use Prisma Access Cloud Management to view your Prisma Access logs and to explore and share reports.
Monitor and get visibility in to your Prisma Access environment with logs and reports:
  • Logs
    Your logs are automatically-generated and provide an audit trail for system, configuration, and network events. Network logs record all events where Prisma Access acts on your network traffic. For example, entries are recorded when Prisma Access blocks traffic based on a security rule, grants access to a user based on an authentication rule, or shapes traffic based on a QoS rule.
  • Reports
    Reports identify key findings that you can use to inform your policy updates and close enterprise security and user productivity gaps. Three reports are currently available: an app report, a Prisma Access usage report, and a user activity report. You can download reports, share them within your organization, and schedule reports to receive regular updates.

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