Strata Cloud Manager

Introducing Strata Cloud Manager: The New AI-Powered, Unified Management Platform

With Strata Cloud Manager, you can easily manage and monitor your network security infrastructure ━ your  NGFWs and SASE environment ━ from a single, streamlined user interface. The new platform gives you:

  • Shared security policy for SASE and your NGFWs, and and a unified view into security effectiveness.

  • Best practice recommendations and workflows to strengthen security posture and eliminate risk.

  • A common alerting framework that identifies network disruptions, so you can maintain optimal health and performance.

  • Enhanced user experience, with contextual and interactive use-case driven dashboards and license-aware data enrichment.

Your Guide to Strata Cloud Manager

Strata Cloud Manager gives you unified management and comprehensive visibility for your Network Security products and subscriptions. When you're working in the Strata Cloud Manager platform, the features displayed to you are based on your active licenses. 

Here, in the docs, we're giving you a view into everything that's available with Strata Cloud Manageracross all products and subscriptions. On each topic, check for any minimum license or role requirements for that feature, see what kind of features or insights the different subscriptions unlock.

For detailed and goal-oriented product workflows, follow the quick path to those product docs.