Addressed Issues

Here are issues that we’ve recently fixed for Cloud Managed Prisma Access, where you’re using the Prisma Access app as your management interface.
If you’re using Panorama to manage Prisma Access, refer to the Panorama Managed Prisma Access release notes instead for the latest updates.


Fixed an issue where Cloud Managed Prisma Access was not connecting to Directory Sync to retrieve Active Directory information.


Fixed a validation error that occurred when committing and pushing a mobile users configuration.


System logs might display logs describing an event where a firewall has lost its connection to Panorama.
You can ignore these logs, and filter them out of your view based on the event description:
event_description != 'FW has lost connection to panorama, no log will be forwarded'
Fixed in November 2019.


You can specify a geographic location (within a region) to be used in policy (
). However, right now, you can use only whole numbers to specify the latitude and longitude for the location.
Fixed in November 2019.


The Mobile Users configuration overview does not display all the locations where you've specified you want to deploy Prisma Access for your users (
Mobile Users
Environment Setup
). As a workaround, refresh your browser and the Mobile Users overview will correctly display all the locations you've selected.
Fixed in November 2019.


When you first activate and launch the Prisma Access app, the Prisma Access the dashboard displays as blank until you also activate your Remote Networks and/or Mobile Users Licenses. After you activate your Remote Networks and/or Mobile Users licenses, dashboard widgets are displayed (and these widgets help you to get started with setting up your configuration).
Fixed in November 2019.
Now, when you first launch the Prisma Access app, the dashboard displays widgets that prompt you to activate your Mobile Users and/or Remote Networks licenses.

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