Automatically secure your DNS traffic by using Palo Alto Networks DNS Security service, a cloud-based analytics platform providing your firewall with access to DNS signatures generated using advanced predictive analysis and machine learning, with malicious domain data from a growing threat intelligence sharing community.

What's New

The DNS Security service

Maximize your protections against threats using DNS with the DNS Security subscription service.


Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) Detection

Predict and stop DGA-leveraging malware with real-time domain query analysis.


DNS Tunnel Detection

Don't let advanced attackers use DNS tunnels to hide data theft or C2 within your DNS traffic.


Cloud-Delivered DNS Signatures

Take advantage of the latest DNS threat detection methods using the modular and infinitely extensible DNS Security cloud-based service.


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OilRig Deploys “ALMA Communicator” – DNS Tunneling Trojan

Learn About DNS Sinkholing to Prevent DNS-based attacks

Palo Alto Networks firewalls use DNS sinkholing to forge a response to a DNS query for a malicious domain so that you can block and identify hosts on your network that have been infected with malware. DNS Security uses this mechanism to control C2 and other malicious traffic moving across your network.

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DNS Security Datasheet