Terminology Used in Prisma Access Insights

A unique user is a user with a unique username who has logged in to Prisma Access at least once in a given period specified by
Time Range
Users who are currently connected using GlobalProtect or active Explicit Proxy. Each user is identified by their username.
The devices used to connect to Prisma Access using the GlobalProtect agent. This helps you determine the load on the system in the selected time range. For a user connecting to Prisma Access using GlobalProtect, the device used for connecting is identified by a unique combination of username and device ID or host ID.
Each connection that is currently active and connected to Explicit Proxy. For an Explicit Proxy user, each connection is defined by a unique combination of username and user agent.
In Prisma Access, Americas, APAC, and Europe are three different theaters worldwide. Each theater is assigned multiple IP pool blocks. When a tenant has to onboard a new client, it picks an IP pool block from one of these theaters depending on the region from where the tenant onboards the client. The clients are assigned IP addresses from the pool until the last one in the block is used. Each theater contains mappings to the different Prisma Access locations that fall within its geographical boundary.
Any traffic that flows within the internal Prisma Access nodes; for example, traffic flowing from one remote network to another. Internal traffic is essentially the traffic that is being destined or originating to or from the company’s data center.
Any traffic that flows between the Remote Networks nodes or Mobile Users nodes and the internet. This traffic is sent directly to and received directly from the internet by these nodes.
Existing Prisma Access tenants with email subscriptions for alerts in Prisma Access Insights prior to the introduction of Notification Profiles will have the Default Profile populated with all email addresses and all alert subscriptions. Informational Alerts will be added to the Default Profile's Alert subscriptions. This Default Profile can be edited.

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