Addressed Issues in Prisma SD-WAN ION Device Release 5.2.9

The following table lists the issues addressed in Prisma SD-WAN ION device release 5.2.9.
Issue ID
Resolved an issue with intermittent connectivity for service links when CPU utilization was high.
Resolved an issue where a critical process was restarting, when multiple flows started at the same time with simultaneous updates to the bandwidth-based path selection statistics cached in memory.
Resolved an issue where default routes on the ION device were missing after power down.
Resolved an issue where in some scenarios the controller port was missing the ARP entry for the gateway.
Resolved an issue where racing condition causes loss of route to connected network over a sub-interface when parent interface flaps.
Resolved an issue where BFD mode mismatch on the VPN endpoints was causing the modes to continually switch between aggressive and non-aggressive modes.
Resolved an issue where LAN to LAN flows were succeeding despite a deny rule.

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