Addressed Issues in Prisma SD-WAN ION Device Release 5.4.9

The following table lists the issues addressed in Prisma SD-WAN ION device release 5.4.9.
Issue ID
Resolved an issue where a WAN to LAN flow seen on multiple private bypass pairs causes FC to restart.
Resolved an issue with poor performance on a third-party GRE tunnel through a virtual ION in a data center.
Resolved an issue where, in some scenarios, the process restarted when a large number of prefixes or port-ranges are associated with custom applications.
Resolved an issue where SCTP flows state was not getting cleaned up when multiple flows between same endpoints are seen with different ports.
Resolved an issue where the link flapping was seen on ports 10 and 11 when port 9 link goes down on the ION 9000.
To resolve this issue, install a new firmware using the toolkit command
ion900 upgrade-x722-fw
. For more details, see Upgrade ION 9000 Firmware.

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