Addressed Issues in Prisma SD-WAN ION Device Release 5.6.1

The following table lists the issues addressed in Prisma SD-WAN ION Device Release 5.6.1.
Issue ID
Resolved an issue where the LAN side FIB had no prefixes present even though the LAN interfaces were Admin Up and had learned or configured prefixes present.
Resolved an issue where BGP peer status was not in sync with the CLI and the web interface.
Resolved an issue where NAT_POLICY_STATIC_NATPOOL_OVERRUN alarm was raised but not displayed properly in the web interface.
Resolved an issue where data center ION devices that have internet access via the internet labeled ports only fail to establish remote access sessions.
Resolved an issue where the web interface was showing Layer 3 LAN forwarding configured, but not configured on the ION device, while the LAN interfaces are configured as Layer 3 on the ION device.
Resolved an issue where the VPN marked as Admin Down did not remove the routes posted in the FIB associated with it.
Resolved an issue where VPNs in a data center with 5.2.x and branch devices with 5.6.1 do not come up.
dhcp lease command failed because of missing file in dhcp package.
Resolved an issue where when setting an interface status to Admin Down on a DC ION device on the user interface, the same status was not reflected on the ION device.

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