Addressed Issues in Prisma SD-WAN ION Device Release 5.6.3

The following table lists the issues addressed in Prisma SD-WAN ION Device Release 5.6.3.
Issue ID
Resolved an issue where multiple internal URLs were failing nslookup, causing NTP to be out of sync.
Resolved an issue where static-route with higher AD was programmed on bypass pair FIB.
Resolved an issue for SAML/SSO whereby '-' was not allowed in IdP domain names, this is supported now.
Resolved an issue where the ADEM portal was not displaying the Prisma Access SPN name for Standard VPN interfaces.
Resolved an issue where a large number of DCs assigned to a single DC group was causing the FC process to crash.
Resolved an issue where the Site Summary screen was showing incorrect values for the current overall consumed bandwidth if the time range selected was not last one hour.

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