Changes to Default Behavior in Prisma SD-WAN ION Release 5.6

The following section details the upgrade path to Prisma SD-WAN release 5.6.x. Review the upgrade and downgrade considerations before upgrading to this release.
—Prior to upgrading branch ION devices to 5.6.X, ensure that all data center ION devices are running ION software version 5.4.x or higher.
Upgrade Or Downgrade Path
Use the following paths to upgrade to release 5.6.x, and use the path in reverse to rollback to the version you started from:
4.7.1 -> 5.1.x -> 5.4.x -> 5.6.x
4.7.1 -> 5.0.x -> 5.2.x -> 5.5.x -> 5.6.x
5.0.x -> 5.2.x -> 5.5.x -> 5.6.x
5.1.x -> 5.4.x -> 5.6.x
5.2.x -> 5.5.x -> 5.6.x
5.4.x -> 5.6.x

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