Cloud Container from a Cloud Provider

To run the container in a Cloud Provider container system, the container needs to be run in the cloud environment with parameters that allow the container to reach the required resources, including Panorama XML API, Prisma SD-WAN Controller, and Prisma Access API.
For configuration, all of the
options can be sent as
Environment Variables
Secure Environment Variables
(Docker Secrets, Kubernetes Secrets, etc).
For logging, there are three options:
  • Create a storage instance in the cloud provider, and mount to /tmp/applog. This is recommended.
  • Configure a SYSLOG server, and receive logs via SYSLOG from the container.
  • Configure no log storage, and only view logs in the container instance.
For sample scripts to spin up the Prisma Access for Networks (managed by Panorama) CloudBlade on common cloud providers, refer to the Github Repository.

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