Prisma Access for Networks Aggregate Bandwidth Licensing

Starting with Prisma 1.8 deployments, bandwidth is allocated at an aggregate level per compute location, commonly referred to as Aggregate Bandwidth licensing. Aggregate bandwidth can be enabled on 1.8 and 2.0 Prisma releases.
Each location has a corresponding compute location for which bandwidth is allocated, and all sites you onboard in a compute location share that allocated bandwidth. For example, you want to onboard four branch offices using remote networks in the Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam locations. All these locations map to the Asia Southeast compute location.
If 200 Mbps of bandwidth is allocated to the Asia Southeast compute location, all four branch offices will share the 200 Mbps of bandwidth. If one or more sites are not using a large amount of bandwidth, Prisma Access makes the remaining bandwidth available to other sites in that compute location.

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