Determine Region Bandwidth Utilization

Prior to deploying on any previous IPSec termination nodes, a utilization of the current region bandwidth if there are pre-existing VPN tunnels should be analyzed. In order to view the utilization, navigate in Panorama to the following: Panorama Tab -> Cloud Services Plugin (Left Side) -> Monitor Tab - Remote Networks. Click on the region of interest. In this example, we will use North America
In the subsequent window, when you click on the Bandwidth Usage tab (note: 10.x Panorama color scheme makes the tab hard to read). Select the region where you want to view the performance data.
For the given region, any data if present will show in a graph, with options for time ranges to choose from:
In the example above, there are no established VPN tunnels, and hence the performance/utilization numbers will not have any displayed historical data.

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