Access the Integration Run Logs

Integration run logs can be accessed using one of three methods:
  • Through log files in the /tmp/applog directory.
  • Through Syslog export to a remote logging system.
  • Through the container execution command.
Integration Logs are not uploaded to the Prisma SD-WAN controller and will not display in the Prisma SD-WAN Messages menu.
To access the
applog directory logs
, simply enter the
applog directory
that was
Bind Mapped
to the container on launch (-v $PWD/applog:/tmp/applog). The latest file will be named
under a directory named
Prisma-Access-for-Networks-(managed-by-Panorama)_2.1.1/<hostname of container>
To send logs from the Integration container through Syslog, edit the config.yml file, and add and/or uncomment the following lines:
  • SYSLOG_PORT: 514
On the next Integration run, the container will also send a copy of the Integration Run logs to the specified Syslog server.
You can also execute a command in the container to follow the log from the container command line. To do this using Docker, execute the command:
docker exec -it <container name here> ./
If the container name is “prisma_access_panorama”, the syntax would be as follows: docker exec -it prisma_access_panorama ./

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