Configure BGP

In the Controller UI for version 3.0.1, there is now a setting for
ION Peering Local AS Number
. This setting automatically enables BGP to Prisma Access, regardless of ECMP or single connection to Prisma Access.
In our example, our BGP AS was set to 65001. This will only take effect for local links to Prisma Access and values will be automatically entered based on parameters provided. If desired, this number can be changed as needed.
  1. Click the
    section under the extended tag information.
    You can view or change the BGP settings for Prisma Access from the
    If the site already has a Global BGP configuration, this will not change the AS parameters under
  2. (Optional)
    Prisma SD-WAN receive Default Route from Prisma Access
    if needed.
    At this time, this can be left unchecked based on how Prisma SD-WAN instantiates the Standard VPN to Prisma Access.
  3. (Optional)
    Prisma forward received Branch Routes from Prisma SD-WAN
    if needed.

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