Generate Panorama Authorization Key for Prisma SD-WAN Integration

Use the browser XML API from the Panorama console to generate the Panorama Authorization Key. This key needs to be used in the Prisma Acces for Networks (managed by Panorama) CloudBlade configuration screen. To access the XML API using the browser:
  1. Log in to the Panorama console that manages Prisma Access with administrator privileges, then enter
    at the end of the URL. The URL changes to the XML API browser interface.
  2. Click
    Operational Commands
    and navigate to the following XML Path Language (XPath) nodes in the XML tree:
  3. Enter the XML value
    as shown below and input the required
    Panorama Authorization Key
    in the XML area. For example,
    <entry name=”ENTER_SECRET_HERE”></entry>
    The allowed characters for the key are letters from A to Z (capital and small letters), numbers from 0 to 9, and special characters:@./_-
  4. Select
    to process the XML request.
    Prisma Access returns the confirmation response in XML format.

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