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Configure Custom Liveliness Probe

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Prisma Access for Networks
uses the concept of an Infrastructure Subnet. The Infrastructure Subnet is required for services within a given Prisma Access Tenant.
When you create an Infrastructure Subnet, the last usable IP address provided becomes the following set of services within Prisma Access:
  • Captive Portal Redirect IP Address
  • Remote Network DNS Proxy IP Address
  • Tunnel Monitor IP Address
When the CloudBlade creates a standard VPN to Prisma Access, the default is to use the Tunnel Monitor IP Address within the Prisma Access Infrastructure, using a Liveliness probe. There may be times when a probe may need to be changed from the default, to monitor additional services external of Prisma Access for a given business requirement.
  1. Within the CloudBlade, the default is to use the last usable Infrastructure IP address. To utilize a different Liveliness Probe, uncheck the box within the CloudBlade.
  2. To configure a custom Liveliness Probe, navigate to
    within the Prisma SD-WAN controller.
  3. Navigate to and click
    Service & DC Groups
  4. Within the
    Service & DC Groups
    , look for and click
  5. Click
    Standard VPN
    from the drop-down.
  6. For a given Prisma Access region, find and click
    Liveliness Probe
    The default probe for Prisma Andorra which was chosen in this section is using the last usable IP address in the Infrastructure Subnet.
  7. To add another IP address or modify the probe, edit or add an ICMP ping as appropriate.
    In the following example, an additional ICMP probe is added.
  8. For this standard VPN to Prisma Access (Prisma Andorra), an additional ICMP probe to is added to the Liveliness Probe.
  9. Repeat this step for each location that needs to be adjusted for a given business requirement.

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