Customize Prisma Access Objects Names using CloudBlade Tag

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Starting with release version 3.1.6, the names of objects created by the Prisma Access CloudBlade (Cloud managed) can be controlled through configurable tags on the site. Use the tag
for a site, where the
<custom name>
added must follow the below conventions:
  • Only characters and numbers [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9] are allowed.
  • Characters must not exceed 12 or be less than 3 characters.
  • Ensure no duplicate prisma_name is set across sites.
You can customize the
tag only for newer site on-boardings.
The following are some examples of valid and invalid tags:
Valid Tags
  • prisma_name:site123
  • prisma_name:auckland123
  • prisma_name:123auckland
  • prisma_name:12auck3land
Invalid Tags
  • prisma_name:a
  • prisma_name:ab
  • prisma_name:a b
  • prisma_name:a b c
  • prisma_name:a_bc
  • prisma_name:a-bc
For the custom name to be configured, you must add the
tag to the site before adding the
If the prisma_name tag is not added, the Cloudblade returns to using an encoded version of the
in the Prisma Access object names created on Prisma Access (Cloud managed).

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