QoS CIR Support For Aggregate Bandwidth

In Aggregate Bandwidth licensing mode, the bandwidth allocation is done for a compute location on Prisma Access. The number of tunnels terminating within a compute location and SPN share the aggregate bandwidth allocated. You must configure the CIR for specific tunnels terminating on an SPN within a compute location to guarantee the Quality of Service (QoS).
Follow these steps to configure Quality of Service (QoS) in Prisma Access Cloud Management interface for aggregate bandwidth, including adding a QoS profile, enabling QoS, and tagging the QoS profile on the Prisma SD-WAN web interface.
  1. Enable QoS for your remote network locations.
    1. Select
      Manage Service
      Setup Remote
      Networks Bandwidth Management.
    2. Determine the Prisma Access locations where you want to deploy QoS; then find the compute location that corresponds to each Prisma Access location.
      Each Prisma Access location is allocated bandwidth from its compute location, and you must know the name of the compute location for the locations where you want to allocate QoS.
    3. Enable QoS at a compute location level in the QoS column.
      Any change in settings apply to all locations corresponding to this compute location.
  2. Edit the QoS settings for the compute location.
    1. Select the guaranteed bandwidth ratio, which is a ratio based on the entire allocated bandwidth for the compute location.
      For example, if you have allocated bandwidth of 1001 Mbps for the US Southwest compute location, and you enter a Guaranteed Bandwidth Ratio of 82%, the guaranteed bandwidth for that compute location is 820.82 Mbps.
      By default, each remote network is given a percentage equal to the number of connections. For example, given four connections in a compute location and a total guaranteed bandwidth of 820.82 Mbps, each location receives 25% of that bandwidth, which is 205.2 Mbps.
    2. Create New
      QoS profile or
      to edit an existing QoS profile.
    3. Customize QoS settings for remote network sites in a compute location. If you have multiple remote networks per compute location and want to change either the bandwidth ratio or QoS profile for each remote network, select
      and change the bandwidth allocation ratio, QoS profile, or both.
    4. Select
      to save the changes.
  3. In Prisma SD-WAN, navigate to the
    and assign interface/circuit level tags in the following format.
    The tags can be both ECMP and Non-ECMP. For
    , go to the site on Prisma SD-WAN, where you wish to customize QoS and tag the interface or circuit. In the example shown below, the allocated bandwidth is 40%.
    , enabled sites allow customizations per ECMP link. You must tag the ECMP links where you want to apply the QoS customization.
    After the tags are applied, the CloudBlade integration applies these changes on the Prisma Access Cloud Management interface.

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